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Name:JtHM Slash Community (Archived)
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Man you really freak me out ;

about us.

Welcome to the Livejournal community dedicated to slash work of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac! This is basically the LJ incarnation of the CherryDoom Yahoo!Group, founded back in 2004 by a few people who were dedicated to slashing the dreamy characters of JtHM. And by dreamy, I mean dark, disturbing, angsty, grotesque and morally-and-socially malformed. This is a safe place for anyone who enjoys male/male or female/female relationships between any of the characters of JtHM, as well as its two offspring comics, I Feel Sick (IFS) and Squee! (S!).

Please be aware that we are in no way affiliated with Jhonen Vasquez and, as a matter of fact, we're pretty sure he'd have a major heart attack if he saw this place.

PLEASE PARDON OUR MESS: We're trying to make a comeback after several years on the downswing. New members are encouraged to post ASAP: just remember to follow our rules.

I'm so afraid of you ;

the guidelines.

First of all, all creative works are allowed, whether it be fanfiction, fanart, scans, FSTs, discussions of pairings/fandom/JtHM in general, etc. - the only real standard is that there should be some inkling of slash in your works. This is, after all, focused on slash works.

Second, please do not flame others here. While constructive criticism is often appreciated, please do not bring your haterade in with you. We're a very friendly community and would like to keep it that way. This includes shipwars. So while you can essay all you want on why Chet/Shit-in-his-Pants-Guy is the most amazing perfect ship to ever exist in fandom, you can't go into another person's Johnny/Jimmy discussion and scream at them for not recognizing the brilliance of your own preferred OTP. Sorry.

Third, please put all lengthy/large/NSFW works behind a cut. If you're unaware of how to make a LJ-cut, please go here to find out more. This is for the sanity of members' friend's lists, as well as for the safety of their home or work life.

Fourth, please label/tag your work and warn for anything unusually violent/squick-inducing. Labeling simply means mentioning the pairing, rating, summary and finished/unfinished status. Warning... Well, since we're talking JtHM here, every member should be aware of the high levels of violence and gore available. However, if your story graphically describes anything in such detail that J.V. would be impressed, you should probably warn for it. If your art goes above and beyond JtHM, you should probably warn for it. If you're using a kink in your story that is generally considered "wow, what the hell" - warn for it. It's just common courtesy, so that way people won't read something they aren't interested in or may not enjoy.

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